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July 7, 2020 | by: jolene

No A/C? No Problem – 4 Ways to Keep Your House Cool

There’s a good chance we’re going to have one heck of a hot summer this year – we’ve already had over 30+ days and it’s only just the beginning of July!

Many people have heat pumps or window air conditioners, but not everyone does. There are apartment units that either don’t allow them or don’t have the right windows to accommodate them. And even if you do have a heat pump or other type of a/c why not use a little science to help keep your electric bill down? Here’s 4 ways to have the coolest pad on the block:

Windows & Doors

Some of this may seem like common sense but, well, better safe than sorry right?  Keep your blinds/curtains closed during the day to keep the heat out – even the colour of your curtains can help with this one! Red, Orange and Yellow will reflect the most heat or go all out and get blackout curtains for maximum results!

Open your windows at night to let cool air in and then close them when the sun comes up to trap the cool air inside as long as possible.

Keep doors to unused rooms closed – just like in the winter when you don’t want to heat an empty room, don’t cool one unnecessarily in the summer!

Water & Ice

Put a bowl of ice in front of a floor fan – it will help push out a cooling mist which dissipates quickly. I’ve actually done this and it works – don’t expect something like free A/C or anything but it will give you some relief!

You should make it a goal to drink about 2 liters of water a day. Externally use a spray bottle of water to give yourself a refreshing spritz, or freeze a cloth or ice pack that can cool your arms, legs forehead etc.

BONUS FACTS: There are ‘hot spots’ on your body that when cooled will help bring your overall temperature down – inside of your wrists, inside of your elbows, and behind your knees!


You just plug them in right? Nope – that’s for amateurs. Create a network of fans to soup up your cool down.  Push the hot air out of your house for example by having one fan blowing into a bedroom with another fan in front of the window blowing the hot air out. You can even incorporate the bowl trick from above in your flow.

Have a ceiling fan? put the spin to counter-clockwise to drag the hot air up, away from you.

Extra Stuff

Get your sheets together! Use cotton or silk sheets and for an extra hot night, put your sheets in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for a bit before you head to bed.

Get houseplants – cacti and bromeliads especially get their water from the air around them which will help with the humidity.

Chill out – get off the computer, game console, turn off the TV. Don’t run the dryer or turn on the stove. In daylight, keep all your lights off in the house. While you can’t just sit there doing nothing you can do things that don’t require electric energy which produces heat. Try reading a book, pick up a guitar, paint etc. It will do you some good!